Richard Krizan, Accordionist * Richard's Magic Accordion

Richard’s Magic Accordion

Richard’s Magic Accordion

It began with a sound in my dreams, which only I could hear. I started with an acoustic accordion, and began learning to play it, adding the technology one little bit at a time, improving my sound, and trying to match the sound locked in my brain. What you hear today, is the result of constant upgrading over the years, endless practice and study, (both with technology and the music), and love of the music. Explaining the technical part is complicated and confusing to most people:

That’s why we call it “Magic”!

Simply put, modern technology allows me to play good old fashioned music with the same sound as a 6 to 10 piece band! You may have heard other one man bands, even using midi keyboards. However, by using an accordion as a midi controller, I could play the music LIVE, and WITHOUT RECORDINGS. This was the key that made all the difference, and became Richard’s Magic Accordion!

I played midi accordion for more than 30 years. I built my first midi accordion from a Cordovox organ accordion. Later, I purchased a Pietenese Midi accordion which could play sounds differently, depending on how hard I hit the keys. (Midi experts call this velocity sensitivity). After switching to chromatic accordion, I purchased a high tech digital chromatic accordion, and continued to use midi instruments with it. The accordion that I have now sounds amazing, and allows me the greatest expressiveness that I have ever experienced with an accordion!

Now you can share the sound in my dreams!

Here are some of my polka and variety tunes.

Live Music for All Occasions!

Once again, I played at the Pulaski Days Polka Festival in October 2016.

These are samples from this performance.

You can find more information about me here!

You can listen to this music as a playlist here:

Richard Krizan, Accordionist * Richard's Magic Accordion