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Strolling Accordion

The Finishing Touch for your party or event!

Richard Krizan, Accordionist, strolling accordion
Richard Krizan, Accordionist

Do you prefer Alpine button box, Traditional, Italian, Jazz, French, Cajun, or Concertina style accordion music? My strolling accordion performance can give you the atmosphere your party needs. Sometimes, an event doesn’t have the room, or the need for a large stage setup, or a dance band. For dinner parties, small gatherings, or other events where a band would be too much, but music is desired, the answer is my strolling accordion performance!

When to consider a strolling accordionist

Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthday Parties, Dinner Parties, Social hours before or including dinners, Meet and Greet events, and First Communion parties are just a few of the times when  accordion music is appropriate.  One of the great things about accordion is that it is very expressive, as well as being compact, and easy to fit into your event’s setting. Accordion can be soft and beautiful, or loud and in your face.  If you want a sing along, then you need the latter.  If you are having dinner for two, (or a few!), the beauty and expressiveness of a well played strolling accordion can make a good event into a spectacular experience!

Live music completes your event:

Accordion music is happy music, which can make any gathering into a party.  It is the perfect finishing touch for your get together or event!

If you are having dinner and a dance, you may wish to have me perform as a strolling accordionist, and also as your dance band with Richard’s Magic Accordion, or The Polka Brothers Band.

Contact me today with your thoughts and requests.

More Information about this music is available here.

Richard Krizan, Accordionist * Richard's Magic Accordion