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Richard’s Magic Accordion

Richard’s Magic Accordion

Richard's Magic Accordion Live Music for All Occasions!
Richard’s Magic Accordion
Live Music for All Occasions!

is my “one man band” stage setup. Along with the accordion sounds, this offers electric bass, organ, horns, drums, and vocals. The sound can be powerful enough that several hundred of your closest friends can enjoy themselves on the dance floor! I have complete control of this, and the complete “Richard’s Magic Accordion” sound can be perfect for your smaller group, or get together also. Your event can now have the sound of a full polka band or dance band! My system allows me to play to audiences “in the round” too, so If you place me in the center of your event, people can enjoy the music equally all the way around.

 Accordion music, and more:

Whether your party is for less than 20 or more than 500 guests, Richard’s Magic Accordion offers you the ability to have your favorite accordion music, with the added fullness of electric bass, horns, organ, piano, and drums, in a small compact setup that leaves room for you and your guests at your venue. My setup can be very flexible, depending on your needs.  Contact me today, to discuss options for your event.

Richard Krizan

I have been living in Paw Paw, Michigan for the last 29 years.  I started playing the accordion more than 40 years ago. More about me here:

Richard's Magic Accordion
Richard’s Magic Accordion

The Songs on this page:

Were recorded live at The Pulaski Days Polka Festival, in Grand Rapids Michigan in October 2016. They were recorded at St. Stanislaus “Little Hall”

More information about the music is available here.


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