Richard Krizan, Accordionist * Richard's Magic Accordion

The Polka Brothers Band

The Polka Brothers Band is a High Energy Polka Band in South Western Michigan
The Polka Brothers Band is a High Energy Polka Band in South Western Michigan

Have a Polka Band for your next dance or party!

The Polka Brothers Band

consists of Richard’s Magic Accordion, and also Fred Krizan on Saxophone. Fred is an amazing saxophone player, with a repertoire of hundreds of songs! Together, we are the perfect polka band!  Of course, we play waltzes, ChaCha, Swing, Big Band, and variety music as well.

We Play High Energy Polka Music!

As Well as Big Band, Swing, and slow easy dancing music.  Richard’s magic accordion brings Accordion, Bass, Drums, organs, piano, and vocals. In Addition, Fred adds Soprano saxophone, Alto saxophone, Tenor saxophone, Baritone saxophone, vocals, and sound effects. Our distinctive sound gives the impression of a much larger group, at a fraction of the cost of hiring the six to ten piece band.

Our Polka Band In The Past:

We have had family members and good friends join the band for years at a time, but the core of the band has always been Fred and Richard.  We started the family band in 1978 together.


The Polka Brothers Band is the perfect entertainment for your next party!

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The Songs on This Page:

All music presented on this page was recorded live at the Tri State Gas Engine and Tractor show, in Portland Indiana in August 2016. More information about the music is available here.


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