Richard Krizan, Accordionist * Richard's Magic Accordion

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The Polka Brothers Band

Polka Band * The Polka Brothers Band

Have a Polka Band for your next dance or party! The Polka Brothers Band consists of Richard’s Magic Accordion, and also Fred Krizan on Saxophone. Fred is an amazing saxophone player, with a repertoire of hundreds of songs! Together, we are the perfect polka band!  Of course, we play waltzes, ChaCha, Swing, Big Band, and variety […]

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Richard’s Magic Accordion

Richard's Magic Accordion

Richard’s Magic Accordion is my “one man band” stage setup. Along with the accordion sounds, this offers electric bass, organ, horns, drums, and vocals. The sound can be powerful enough that several hundred of your closest friends can enjoy themselves on the dance floor! I have complete control of this, and the complete “Richard’s Magic […]

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Strolling Accordion

Richard Krizan, Strolling Accordionist

The Finishing Touch for your party or event! Do you prefer Alpine button box, Traditional, Italian, Jazz, French, Cajun, or Concertina style accordion music? My strolling accordion performance can give you the atmosphere your party needs. Sometimes, an event doesn’t have the room, or the need for a large stage setup, or a dance band. […]

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